Towing hitch Audi A1 Sportback (5doors) 2012-, removable vertical, Westfalia

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Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Audi A1 Sportback (5dv.) 2012-, odnímatelný vertikal, Westfalia
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Product Description

SKODA FABIA II + III HATCHBACK 06 / 07- not for RS / Monte Carlo. The cut-out cover can be ordered from a Škoda dealer.
SKODA FABIA II + III KOMBI 01 / 08- not for RS. The cut-out cover can be ordered from a Škoda dealer.
AUDI A1 SPORTBACK 02 / 12- Cut-out cover and spoiler can be ordered from your Audi dealer.
AUDI A1 08 / 10- Cut-out cover and spoiler can be ordered from an Audi dealer.
. + + ORIGINAL TOWING EQUIPMENT + + WESTFALIA = HIGHEST QUALITY - MADE IN GERMANY + + The best-selling removal system in Europe, branded towing equipment from the leading manufacturer WESTFALIA. The highest quality is now also for your vehicle at an unbeatable price. It respects the ergonomics of the vehicle and lands your car. Also suitable for long-term professional use. The best anti-corrosion surface treatment KTL. Installation does not limit the warranty of the new vehicle! Requires a minimum invisible cutout in the bumper. Original towing equipment with certificate. Lifetime warranty. With this product, we guarantee strength for use with a bicycle carrier. APPROVAL OF THE A-SUPPLIER to the automotive industry: VW FORMEL - Q Concrete! WESTFALIA IS THE ORIGINAL ACCESSORY OF CARS IN EUROPE. WE PROVIDE A LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THE STRENGTH OF THE TOWING DEVICE. EU APPROVAL 94/20 AND MDSR CERTIFICATE. Manufacturer: Westfalia Automotive GmbH, Germany The RS version is not approved for towing a trailer!
Vertical load
86 kg
Maximum load
1200 kg
D value
7,20 kN
Attachement type
vertical automatic machine
Bumper cutout
Visible cutout