Towing hitch BMW 5-series GT 2014 / 03- (F07), removable vertical, Westfalia

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie BMW 5-serie GT 2014/03- (F07) , odnímatelný vertikal, Westfalia
481,30 €
with VAT
401,08 €
without VAT
80,22 €

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Product Description

Towing hitch BMW 5-series Gran Turismo facelift For vehicles with construction year from 07/2013 Treat yourself to quality - not expensive! THE LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE IN THE SR APPLIES TO THIS PRODUCT. Branded ORIGINAL towing device from the world's leading manufacturer WESTFALIA. The highest quality is now at an unbeatable price. Original towing devices (supplied to car manufacturers for primary production) respect the ergonomics of the vehicle and will land your car. The towing device is equipped with a durable and still unsurpassed automatic vertical ball pin removal system with an integrated anti-theft lock. It is characterized by extreme strength and long life. After removing the pin and lowering the drawer, the towing device is invisible on the vehicle. It is also suitable for professional use. Westflia towing devices are best treated with a KTL anti-corrosion surface treatment. Installation does not limit the warranty of the new vehicle! Westfalia is an original part of most of the world's cars. We provide a lifetime warranty on the strength of the towing device. With this product, we guarantee strength for use with a bicycle carrier. Manufacturer: Westfalia -Automotive, Germany
Vertical load
100 kg
Maximum load
2100 kg
D value
11,90 kN
Attachement type
vertical automatic machine
Bumper cutout
Invisible cutout