Towing hitch Infiniti Q30 2016-, removable vertical, Aragon

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Infiniti Q30 2016- , odnímatelný vertikal, Aragon
378,80 €
with VAT
315,67 €
without VAT
63,13 €

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Product Description

The towing device of the largest Spanish manufacturer - the company Aragon , is a solid, high-quality processed product with an excellent surface finish and ball joints with a KTL surface. Accurate and trouble-free assembly is a matter of course with this product. Aragon is a fast-growing company that has already gained a strong foothold in the demanding Western European market and a direct supplier to the automotive industry.
The towing device is removable, equipped with an automatic vertical system ACS, manufactured by the Dutch company Brink Group BV. The removable system has an anti-theft lock. The advantage of the vertical system is that it becomes "invisible" after the ball joint is removed. Removable towing equipment must be removed from the vehicle if the trailer is not towed.
Homologation: 94 / 20EC and Certificate 8SD 3105 MD CR
Manufacturer: Enganches Aragon , Spain
Vertical load
100 kg
Maximum load
2000 kg
D value
9,86 kN
Attachement type
vertical automatic machine
Bumper cutout
No cutout