Towing equipment Mercedes Benz Sprinter I box 2.8t / 3.5t (MWB/LWB) 1995-2006, fixed 2 units, Aragon

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Mercedes Benz Sprinter I skříň 2,8t / 3,5t (MWB/LWB) 1995-2006, pevné 2 sk., Aragon
223,20 €
with VAT
186,00 €
without VAT
37,20 €

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Product Description

Towing equipment MERCEDES Sprinter box+minibus / VW LT 2.8-3.5t box+minibus Towing equipment from the largest Spanish manufacturer - the company Aragon, represents a solid, high-quality product with an excellent surface finish and ball studs with a KTL surface. Accurate and trouble-free assembly is a matter of course with this product. Aragon is an OEM supplier of some car brands.
The towing device is fixed, equipped with a ball pin for 2 screws from the side. The advantage of the Aragon ball pin is the non-cutting KTL surface finish. Fixed towing devices are not removed from the vehicle and are permitted for operation on public roads.
Vertical load
100 kg
Maximum load
2000 kg
D value
12,49 kN
Attachement type
fixed 2 sk.
Bumper cutout
No cutout