Towing device Ford Focus station wagon 2005-2011, bayonet, Witter

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Ford Focus kombi 2005-2011, bajonet, Witter
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Product Description

Towing device Ford Focus station wagon 05-11, bayonet, WITTER
About the Witter brand:
Witter Towbars uses one of the most advanced fully automated continuous paint process technologies in the UK towbar industry. In addition to standard European tests according to Directive 94/20 EC, towing devices are tested up to the so-called beyond the limits, which is achieved by simulating driving in extreme conditions. It is, for example, o "Belgian road test" on cobblestones, driving a "sleeper belt" on the edge of the road, or emergency swerving from the lane. Thanks to top British Steel steel and demanding tests, maximum quality is achieved.
About the type of towing device:

The towing device has a reliable, horizontally removable ball pin.
The ball pin removal mechanism includes an integrated anti-theft lock.
The ball pin must be removed when not in use.
Also suitable for use with a bike rack and trailer stabilizer.

Manufacturer: Witter Towbars.
Vertical load
75 kg
Maximum load
1500 kg
D value
8,45 kN
Attachement type
Removable bayonet
Bumper cutout
No cutout