Roof basket Nissan NV350 Caravan (E26) 13-, CRUZ EVO

Obrázok Střešní koš Nissan NV350 Caravan (E26) 13-, CRUZ EVO
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Product Description

The roof baskets of the largest Spanish manufacturer CRUZ guarantee maximum resistance to extreme climatic conditions, as they are made of galvanized steel and coated with a high-quality polymer. The robust structure with a new design provides greater rigidity of the structure and quick installation of the entire roof system. Compared to the previous models, thanks to the redesigned design and the integrated windbreak, the aerodynamics have also been improved.
The range of dimensions has also been adapted for better compatibility with more types of vehicles. The wide range of optional accessories caters to professional use as much as possible, providing users with safe loading and transportation of material on the roof of the vehicle.
General parameters of roof baskets of the EVO series:

Optional: Loading roll, locks, walking plates...
Suitable for hinged and hinged rear doors
Basket surface finish: Galvanized steel, Oxsilan, HQ Polymer class. 2
Surface treatment of the soles: Pickled steel, Oxsilan, HQ Polymer class. 2

Manufacturer: CRUZBER SA, Spain
Carrier mount
To the fix point
Lock available
Special tools
Load capacity
180 kg