Roof rack Nissan Qashqai 13- ProBar, Thule

Obrázok Strešný nosič Nissan Qashqai 13- ProBar, Thule
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Product Description

Roof rack ProBar, Thule
Durable roof rack system with a unique three-groove design for attaching multiple accessories.
The Thule ProBar carrier is particularly suitable for permanent loads and the demanding requirements of the working world. With the roof rack from the Swedish manufacturer Thule, you are guaranteed to make the right choice for the safe transport of cargo in your car. The roof racks have passed the most stringent quality and safety tests of the branded manufacturer and are adapted to the individual needs of their users.
The complete roof rack system includes 4 easy-to-mount rack feet and 2 Thule ProBar support bars. The flexible design with three grooves allows the use of a number of accessories for securing the load, which can be used separately or combined with each other. The T-slot enables quick assembly/disassembly of accessories. The width of the support bar, feet and mounting kit are specially adjusted for your vehicle.

T-slot: 20 mm
Crossbar profile: 50 x 35 mm
Rod material: Aluminum
Maximum recommended speed: 130 km/h
Certification: TÜV/GS/Thule Test Center™

Manufacturer: Thule, Sweden
Carrier mount
On classic longitudinals
T - slot
Lock available
Load capacity
100 kg