Roof rack Jaguar F-Pace 5dv 16-, CRUZ S-Fix

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Obrázok Střešní nosič Jaguar F-Pace 5dv 16-, CRUZ S-Fix
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Product Description

Roof rack Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe 5dv.20-, CRUZ S-Fix
Steel roof racks with reduced foot height are designed with an emphasis on safety, utility and low price. Thanks to surface treatment by galvanic galvanizing and coating with high-quality polymer, they perfectly withstand any climatic conditions. It is a matter of course that it can be easily mounted to the attachment points according to the vehicle layout using the Optiplus kit.
Roof racks of the S-FIX series are characterized by a lower height of aerodynamically shaped feet and thus lower noise levels and lower fuel consumption (compared to previous models). All accessories can be easily installed using a sleeve.
A set of foot locks 932014 can be purchased separately for the carriers
Load capacity: up to 75 kg (depending on the carrying capacity of the kit) Length: 110 - 135 cm (depending on the length of the bars) Profile: 30 x 20 x 1.5 mm Top quality carriers from the largest Spanish manufacturer with CEPE/ONU, TÜV-GS, Citycrash, EEC certificates homologation and 8SD MD CR. Manufacturer: CRUZBER SA, Spain
Carrier mount
On integrated longitudinals
Lock available
Can be purchased
Load capacity
75 kg