Towing hitch Volkswagen Crafter box 3,0t / 3,5t / 4,6t (MWB + LWB + XL) 2017-, flange 2š, Aragon

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Volkswagen Crafter skříň 3,0t / 3,5t / 4,6t (MWB+LWB+XL) 2017-, příruba 2š, Aragon
252,90 €
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210,75 €
without VAT
42,15 €

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Product Description

The towing device of the largest Spanish manufacturer - the company Aragon , is a solid, high-quality processed product with an excellent surface finish and ball joints with a KTL surface. Accurate and trouble-free assembly is a matter of course with this product. Aragon is a fast-growing company that has already gained a strong foothold in the demanding Western European market and a direct supplier to the automotive industry.

The towing device is fixed, equipped with a flanged ball joint for 2 screws at the front (C2). The advantage of the flanged ball pin is the high tensile and vertical load (up to 3500 kg / 205 kg) and its good accessibility of the screw enabling quick and easy replacement with the "eye-pin" system vol. No .: 40014. Fixed towing devices are not removed from the vehicle and are permitted for operation on public roads in accordance with EU94 / 20.
Homologation: 94 / 20EC and Certificate 8SD 3105 MD CR Hole spacing: 90 mm Hole diameter: 16.5 mm
Manufacturer: Enganches Aragon , Spain
Vertical load
150 kg
Maximum load
3500 kg
D value
17,20 kN
Attachement type
Flange pin 2 screws
Not for vehicles
Also for vehicles
Bumper cutout
No cutout