Towing device Tesla Model 3 2019- , vertical, BRINK

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie Tesla Model 3 2019- , vertikální, BRINK
449,50 €
with VAT
374,58 €
without VAT
74,92 €

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Product Description

Treat yourself to quality - it's not expensive! THE LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE IN THE SR APPLIES TO THIS PRODUCT.
Branded towing device from the world's leading manufacturer THULE Towing, formerly Brink. This product is of the highest quality at a great price. It respects the ergonomics of the vehicle and fits your car. Surface treatment KTL, or ecological firing paint.
The towing device is equipped with a modern removable BMA vertical pin. It is characterized by high reliability and a long service life. The ball pin is protected by an anti-theft lock on the vehicle. If the vehicle is not pulling a trailer, the ball pin must be removed from the vehicle.
Installation does not limit the warranty of the new vehicle!
Thule towing devices are an original part of most car manufacturers. Lifetime warranty on the strength of the towing equipment. We guarantee the strength of this product for use with a bicycle carrier and when using a self-locking stabilizer for a caravan.
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, Q . Homologation EU94/20. Manufacturer: THULE Towing Systems BV, Netherlands
Vertical load
100 kg
Maximum load
1033 kg
D value
7,00 kN
Attachement type
vertical automatic machine
Bumper cutout
Invisible cutout