Towbar BMW 3-series sedan 2019/03- (G20), folding, Bosal-Oris

Obrázok Ťažné zariadenie BMW 3-serie sedan 2019/03- (G20), sklopné, Bosal-Oris
1.353,00 €
with VAT
1.127,50 €
without VAT
225,50 €

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Product Description

Towing device + 13-pin electrical connection BMW 3 (G20/G80/G28/G21/G81) 19-, foldable
Complete set of towing equipment for your BMW 3: automatically folding with 13-pin electrical connection.
This complete set, which consists of a folding towing device and the necessary 13-pin electrical connection, optimally equips your vehicle for all challenges. The towing device and electrical connection developed especially for your BMW 3 will allow you to tow a trailer weighing up to 2000 kg. Thanks to the vertical load of 90 kg, this complete set is perfectly prepared for transporting bicycles with one of our bicycle racks.
In this set, you will find everything, from the smallest screw to the installation instructions, needed to install the towing device on your BMW 3 vehicle.

Bosal-Oris is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of towing equipment on the free market and in the OEM sector (original car accessories). Bosal-Oris towing devices meet the highest production standards.
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949. Homologation: EU 94/20EC or EHK55. Manufacturer: ACPS Automotive, Germany
Vertical load
75 kg
Maximum load
1916 kg
D value
10,50 kN
Attachement type
folding automatic
Number of pins
Requires encoding
Yes, encryption is required
At the rear of the vehicle
LED compatible
PDC disconnection
Yes, automatically disconnects PDC after activation
Bumper cutout
Invisible cutout