Roof rack Opel Crossland X / Crossland 17 - SlideBar, Thule

Obrázok Strešný nosič Opel Crossland X / Crossland 17- SlideBar, Thule
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Product Description

Roof carrier SlideBar, Thule
The innovative system of the roof carrier with the function of two-way extension allows maximum ease of loading.
Thule SlideBar is the only retractable roof rack. The cross members can be extended 600 mm on both sides of the vehicle. This means that thanks to this distance from the vehicle, the selected side of your vehicle is safe from damage during loading and unloading, and you can comfortably load the roof rack from the pavement, e.g. bicycles. You don't have to reach for it in the middle of the roof of the vehicle. When everything is safely stored, slide the carrier back into its original position. Thanks to the innovative and covered T-groove, accessories such as a roof box and bike carrier can be easily mounted.
The complete roof rack system includes 4 easy-to-mount rack feet and 2 Thule SlideBar support bars. The support bars move 60 cm in each direction for the easiest access to the cargo stored on the roof. Thanks to the ergonomic rubberized grip panels, the bars can be moved even with one hand. It is equipped with a latch locking mechanism and equipped with red open and closed position indicators. The T-slot enables quick assembly/disassembly of accessories. The width of the support bar, feet and mounting kit are specially adjusted for your vehicle.

T-slot: 20 mm
Crossbar profile: 50 x 63 mm
Rod material: Aluminum
Maximum recommended speed: 130 km/h
Certification: TÜV/GS/Thule Test Center™

Manufacturer: Thule, Sweden
Carrier mount
On integrated longitudinals
T - slot
Lock available
Load capacity
75 kg