Roof rack Mitsubishi ASX 5dv.23-, CRUZ Airo FIX Dark

Obrázok Střešní nosič Mitsubishi ASX 5dv.23-, CRUZ Airo FIX Dark
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Product Description

The aerodynamically shaped profile of aluminum roof racks is designed with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and good looks. It offers quick and easy installation in anchor points according to the layout of the vehicle using the Optiplus kit.
The roof racks of the Airo Dark series are characterized by lower noise and lower fuel consumption (compared to previous models) and an unusual black finish. All accessories can be easily installed in the upper T-slot.
The carriers can be purchased separately with a set of foot locks 932014 and a set of bar locks 932045, or as a set with a set of foot locks and a bar 932047.
Load capacity: up to 75 kg (depending on the carrying capacity of the kit) Length: 108 - 148 cm (depending on the length of the bars) Profile: 80 x 29.5 mm Top quality carriers from the largest Spanish manufacturer with CEPE / ONU, TÜV-GS, CityCrash, EEC certificates. Manufacturer: CRUZBER SA, Spain
Carrier mount
On integrated longitudinals
T - slot
Lock available
Can be purchased
Load capacity
75 kg