Box MFT BackBox, white - for towing device

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Obrázok Box MFT BackBox, čierný - na ťažné zariadenie
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Product Description

MFT BackBox, white - outer horn
I was very good at this place.

Set the back of the module to the BackCarrier module (special).
Changing capacity min. 300 liters.
Fixed side panels: small concrete = 1540 mm thick, large concrete = 1900 mm thick (special size - code MFT 15051).
The large beds are 187 cm long with a range of meters.
The elegant place is 4 pairs of silos.
The bar is made of high-strength steel.
In the case of air heaters and fire extinguishers, it is possible to use a suitable side of the floor for the best possible use of the floor.
In addition, the user will be able to use the air conditioner, which will take the water in the same way.
All of them have been able to carry out the packaging.
Modern and tare SMD LED lighting.
Collaborative aggregate mechanism pl. VW or Mercedes-Benz V-class bus.
First of all, no good workmanship.

The MFT Backpacker module of the MFT Backbox, the MFT Backpower wheelbarrow or the MFT Backpack shipping platform uses the required parts.
BackPower: Kerékpártartó kerékpár számára 2, 4 kerékpárra bővíthető backbox: Tetőbox and vonóhoroghoz, szélességében bővíthető and sílécek szállításához Backpack: Universal szállítási platform BackWork Az egyedi építkezések alapkerete A BackCarrier Rendkívül stable felépítésével nyűgöz le, Amelia akár 82.5 kg hasznos terhelés is Lehetová test. The weight of the weight is 8 kg.
EU homologizáció, TÜV / GS Guarantee: 3 years (2 + 1 years service) Manufacturer: MFT , Germany

Number of pins
Carrier mount
On the towing device
Lock available
carriers on the TZ + cargo on the carrier
Load capacity
57 kg