TowCar TowBox V2 for towing device

Obrázok TowCar TowBox V2 na ťažné zariadenie
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Product Description

TowCar TowBox V2 on towing hitch, green
TowBox is a multifunctional product designed for transporting luggage, bicycles, strollers, etc. There is also a version available for transporting dogs and other pets.

TowBox V2 offers 390 liters of additional luggage space in a plastic shell made of a material that is suitable for all types of cargo.
Thanks to the drainage holes and maintenance-free plastics, you don't have to worry about dirt or wet objects, the entire interior is easy to wash!
The use of medium density polyethylene (PE-MD) ensures extremely high resistance to impact, twisting and corrosion.
The box on the towing device does not affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which saves fuel and eliminates annoying noise at higher speeds. In addition, it does not limit the speed of the vehicle!
The loaded box can be conveniently put on / off, it is equipped with folding wheels for easy transport to the house, shop, hotel, water, etc.
The box is equipped with two locks to secure the box and cargo, plus two holes for padlocks.
Everything at your fingertips - the lid of the box can be opened from both sides for easy access to the transported cargo and the sliding + folding system allows easy access to the trunk of the car.

TowBox is a great solution for tall cars that are difficult to load on the roof or cars that are not designed for operation with a roof rack (Tesla Model-S).

Since the box does not increase the height of the vehicle, it allows access to the garage without any problem.
Complete lighting with backlight and fog light.
Electrical installation included (13 pin). (13/7 pin adapter included).
The box is approved as a separate technical unit, so it is not subject to inspection at the MOT. EC type - approval.
Compatible with most towing devices on the market.
Dimensions: 1180x755x640 (Length x width x height).
Weight: 36 kg.
Load capacity: Vertical load TZ (eg 100 kg) - box weight (36 kg) = e.g. 64 kg.
One person can playfully handle the installation in a few seconds, the box is already pre-assembled at the factory.

Manufacturer: TowCar , Spain.

Number of pins
Carrier mount
On the towing device
Lock available
carriers on the TZ + cargo on the carrier
Load capacity
75 kg