Rameder Connect Pro, online diagnostics for towing equipment coding

Obrázok Rameder Connect Pro, online diagnostika pre kodovanie ťažných zariadenia
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Product Description

Rameder Connect Pro - a solution for coding vehicles for operation with towing equipment
In some cases, it is necessary to activate the control unit in the vehicle after mounting the standard electrical connection. The diagnostic tool Rameder Connect Pro serves this purpose. It is a light and portable device covering all functions associated with a towing device.
All service operations are performed by a technician with remote access. You just follow his instructions in the sense of turning on the key, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to have diagnostics connected to a stable WiFi network.

The device is portable, user-friendly and easy to use.
One cable for all vehicles with a 16-pin connector for mutual communication with the vehicle.
Without the need to change cards or instructions.
Coverage for most vehicles
Online chat with the programmer
After mounting the towing device and the typical electrical connection, many vehicles need to activate the control unit in order to recognize the towed trailer. Due to the increasing popularity of standard electrical connections, thanks to their easy connection and non-destructive interventions in the electrical installation of the car, this operation is becoming more and more common. Coding is also recommended with regard to safety and reliability, as in some cases it activates or calibrates the car's safety and stabilization systems.
Activation of the control units for operation with towing equipment is sometimes possible even at the official dealers of the given car company. However, with the Rameder Connect tool, you do not have to rely on them and you can provide your customers with a complete full-service service directly in your own facilities and under your supervision.

Saving time.
Saving money / increasing sales.
Providing a complete service.
Without the need to rely on a dealer network.