Wheel carrier for the drawbar of the trailer - 2 wheels

Obrázok Nosič kol na oj přívěsu - 2 kola
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Product Description

Wheel carrier for the drawbar of the trailer - 2 wheels
It allows you to travel with a caravan and up to two bicycles at the same time!
With the drawbar wheel carrier, which is made of aluminum and is secured with mounting brackets, the wheels are transported directly to the drawbar of your caravan.
Up to 2 wheels with a total weight of 35 kg can be easily attached to the carrier.
Adjustable aluminum rails can be individually adjusted to the appropriate length of the vehicle. Another feature is (with the carrier empty) a folding U-frame, which allows comfortable opening of the front compartment of the trailer with the mounted bike carrier.
Please keep in mind the maximum capacity of the towing equipment and the total weight of the caravan. To ensure a free angle of rotation, the required drawbar length is 140 cm and the distance between the wheel carrier and the center of the drawbar pin is approx. 85 cm. Prior to use, make sure that the car does not collide with the wheels or the wheel carrier when cornering.
Homologation: TÜV / GS Manufacturer: LAS , Germany
Carrier mount
on the drawbar of the trailer
Lock available
Load capacity
35 kg